"Shooting and editing is just about the only time I am able to be completely in the present moment. I love it!"

After twenty years of working as a screenwriter in Los Angeles, Lucy moved back to her childhood summer home on Martha's Vineyard. She revisited her love of photography and opened Untameable Gallery in 2019. "The gallery seemed naked with just photographs on the walls and nothing else." So, she collected her favorite things from her life and added a retail section to the gallery, selling T-shirts and other things, mostly designed and created, but also owned by Lucy. Her photographs are a collection of images, carefully curated from original ideas as well as inspiration from her mentors, Alfred Eisenstadt, Alison Shaw, Sally Mann and Antoine Verglas."I like to either provoke emotion, or capture what the naked eye does not see. So much photography is an image, frozen in time. I like to capture what the naked eye does not see, a moment, a look, a moment in time gone, but not forgotten. Some people are offended by particular images. However, that is life. Naughty children are naughty! Women are sexy! A sense of humor has been a vital survival mechanism throughout my life, and I like to honor that within my work."

Lucy Dahl was born in Oxford, United Kingdom. She lives and works on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts with her two dogs and "everything and everyone the naked eye is unable to see!"


10 S Summer Street
MA. 02539

Telephone: (774) 549-5987

e-mail: untameablegallery@gmail.com

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